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Patrick Overbey

About Master Overbey's Martial Arts in Topeka, KS

Meet Patrick Overbey

Owner and Chief Instructor at
Master Overbey's Martial Arts in Topeka
7th Dan Black Belt

"Building Champions for the Game of Life"! Master Overbey's Martial Arts has served the Topeka area for more than 15 years. Students are challenged throughout their martial arts training to learn basic life skills to give them a great foundation to have an amazing life! Some of these life skill include boosting self-confidence, becoming bully-proof, and learning how to handle stressful situations with ease and a clear mind.

Our main mission is to make our students more successful in life through the time honored lessons they'll learn from practicing Martial Arts. We do this by teaching Tae Kwon Do as a complete discipline, uniting mind, body and spirit. This approach develops physical defense while encouraging the formation of high personal standards and respect for fellow men and women.

We teach "Black Belt Excellence" and hold our instructors to standards that are even higher than the gravity defying kicks our students learn! Highly motivated teaching produces individuals who are positive, respected and contributing members of society.

We LOVE beginners! No matter what your starting level is, you'll get an amazing workout, gain lean muscle, and learn techniques to keep you and your family safe. Children, beginners with no martial arts background, and even top martial artists all train and learn in an environment that is friendly and fun.

Both adults and children thrive in our classes and experience a whole new world of martial arts training outside of the stereotypes you might see on TV or in movies. We're the real deal. Dynamic and unique martial arts based fitness routines and training drills in a family friendly atmosphere will absolutely blow away any standard gym based experience. Striking drills combined with insane body weight based cardio sessions, and partner work will rock your body and get you in fighting shape.

Some other added benefits both our kids and adult members experience are:

  • Boosted Self-Esteem
  • Body Confidence
  • Better Teamwork & Goal Setting Skills
  • Outrageous Core Strength & Hip Mobility
  • Improvements in Stress Reduction

Youth students are taught to be respectful and polite towards their parents,siblings, teachers and elders. They are also taught the importance of learning and doing their best in school! All around success is our goal.

Teenage and Young Adult students are taught to set achievable goals while they learn that hard work does pay off. Through Martial Arts they become more confident and develop an attitude of self-reliance. This increase in confidence enables them to cope with issues of peer pressure and helps them make better, healthy choices for a great life.

For more details on how you can become a champion in the game of life while having the most fun you've EVER had getting fit and learning life saving skills, visit our classes page!

The "Classes" link in the menu above is where we break down what it is we do in each class and where you can our super-low, 100% risk free web special going on too! Wouldn't want you to miss out.

Looking forward to helping you and your family become champions in the game of life!

Chief Instructor Patrick Overbey earned his Master's degree in Chung-Do-Kwan Taekwondo in 1992, is ranked as a 7th Dan Black Belt, and has been teaching professionally for more than 30 years.

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