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5 Secret Ways Martial Arts Changes Lives

Hello and welcome!

Thank you for stopping by our Topeka martial arts school's website. I'm so glad you're reading this far, because I'm about to reveal why our classes are life-changing for people of all ages in our community...

Many people think martial arts is all about self-defense and getting fit. That's totally normal if you think this too! It's a HUGE part of martial arts. But it's not the whole story...

There are some secret benefits to practicing martial arts too. Benefits which students find absolutely life changing and addictive once they start.

Below are just 5 of the many hidden benefits. Whether you're interested in adults classes for yourself, or classes for your child, you can expect to experience the following boosts to your life and well-being.

#1: More Passion & Drive in Your Life

Do you want to recapture that spark? The powerful drive to change your life and take charge of your dreams can be renewed.  

Martial arts ignites passion more than anything else. It gets people excited about life! It's one of the greatest things to see as a teacher, when your student's eyes start lighting up more and more.

You'll move your body in new and exciting ways while becoming more confident in your abilities than ever before. Watch out world - we have a martial artist in the making!

#2: Greater Self-Esteem

Martial arts is full of challenges, and you have to dig deep and try hard to overcome them. But the harder you work, and the more you practice, the easier those challenges are to overcome.

However, tackling big obstacles has another side effect: it makes you realize how much you're actually capable of. Maybe you're not aware of how strong you really are, or of how much you can achieve.

As you start doing things that you once thought were "impossible," your image of yourself will completely transform. Your confidence and self-esteem will soar.

#3: You're Part of an Awesome Family

Martial arts is all about community. We call each other brother and sister, we help each other out, and most importantly...we cheer each other on as we succeed together and as we struggle to get to the next level together.

One of the greatest things about our classes isn't what happens "in" them but what goes on outside of class time.

New friends are made and people are constantly supporting, motivating, and inspiring one another.

#4: Get Leaner, Fitter, Stronger

It's no secret; you'll get an AWESOME workout in our classes. But it's not like other workouts! For starters, it works your entire body: your arms, your legs, your core, and everywhere else. It's also not like a traditional workout where you just do pushups and sit-ups and run for a while.

It's a series of challenging techniques that work your body while you have FUN. The moves are so exciting and packed with action that the time flies by. Before you know it, you just got an amazing workout, and your body will reflect it.

People often get leaner, fitter, and stronger within the first few weeks!

#5: You'll Really Have FUN!

These classes are NOT military-style where someone shouts at you and forces you to do a bunch of things you hate! Nope, these classes are filled with high fives and action packed drills.

Laughter can be heard throughout every class, people can be seen smiling, and the time flies.

We want you to enjoy coming here, so we make it as fun and engaging as possible for you. That goes for both kids and adults.

Ready to take charge of your life? Give us a shot, we've got your back. Here's how:

Register for one of our amazing, low-cost web specials right here on the site, and you can try us out at absolutely NO risk.

What do I mean by "no risk?" Well, to make sure this is the right fit, we offer a 100% money back guarantee on all web specials. That way you can feel completely safe about giving us a shot. If you love us, great! If not, we're happy to refund you.

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I hope you'll give us a try. I'd love to meet you in person.

Patrick Overbey, Founder

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Parents are absolutely crazy about our Topeka kids martial arts program. That's because their kids are getting so much more than self-defense skills in each and every class...

They're learning how to set goals, and use discipline to accomplish them... They're learning that diplomacy and peace can be used 99% of the time to avoid violence... And they're gaining a profound sense of self-respect and respect for others. It's truly life-changing.

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If you're looking for an exciting workout... a place to make friends and meet like-minded people... learn self-defense... improve your focus, discipline, confidence and concentration... or maybe all of the above...

Martial arts could be the perfect fit for you. With our expert instructors, and the fun, supportive atmosphere of our classes, our students' lives are changing with every class. Click to learn more, and come try out a few classes risk-free.

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If you're looking for a workout that's so fun, people literally say it's “addicting”, welcome to our Topeka kickboxing classes.

If you lose 15 pounds by week 2 - just imagine week 3... week 4... and so on. Get ready to buy a new, slimmer wardrobe - and to have so much fun you'll wish kickboxing class was every day of the week.

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Harness the power of the Israeli Defense Force's very own self-defense system. Krav Maga is a fast, intense self-defense program that's tested & proven to work in real-life scenarios. In fact, a good part of training is playing out possible scenarios, and teaching you exactly what to do to defend yourself and your loved ones.

It's also a great workout. In fact, people get toned & lean from our program, and tend to lose excess fat. Combine this program with some key nutritional tips, and you could really turn your body into a fit, lean, fat-burning machine.

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